Sheet face mask review from a blogger

June 26, 2018

When it comes to beauty and wellness, one thing is for sure; in order to have a gorgeous glowing complexion, your skincare concerns must definitely be way higher than your curiosity about makeup. Well, treated skin looks and feels better. Am I right?





Another major point is the use of totally natural products. They nourish your skin like anything else while keeping away the irritation that may occur from all the nasty chemical ingredients common products contain. I’ve found that the best way to perk up your skin if you are tired, have an event to attend or just want some time to treat yourself, is a natural mask packed with high quality ingredients and more specifically, a sheet mask.


It’s not a secret that as a blogger I try many products in a daily basis and my favorite find concerning sheet masks is the Gemmotherapy Silk sheet Face mask from Carnaby & Cross. It features super delicate silk sheets that feel amazing once you apply the mask to your face and has a serum that polishes your complexion in an instant.


Ancient Japanese algae, Asian Snow Mushrooms and herbal ingredients from buds and young shoots of trees deliver the best result you could ever imagine getting from a mask. The best part is that your skin “gets” its vitamins, minerals and all the other essentials without having to deal with any artificial preservatives, making it the perfect option for my sensitive skin.


Finally, due to the completely natural content of this sheet mask it is super easy to use as you only have to remove the silk sheet at the end and then no rinse is required. You just massage any residue of the serum to your face and neck et voilà! Your brand new glowing skin is there.


The heavenly gemmotherapy serum splashes your skin with moisture, clarity and antioxidant protection while you just calm down, relax or have fun on a girls’ night in. Can you think of anything better?



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