Nominated for the Pure Beauty Best New Natural Face Product Award 2016.




LOOK thinks this is the ultimate home spa facial, the sheet mask is super relaxing and has incredible effects on your skin.


The Gemmotherapy mask is made from so many natural ingredients such as buds from young shoots and trees, as well as some ancient Japanese algae. An extract of Asian Snow Mushrooms draws moisture into the skin and delivers a wealth of antioxidants. Apply the mask, sit back, relax and let it work its magic on your tired skin, to remove simply remove the sheet, as it’s made from all natural ingredients there’s no need to wash it off. It’s a simple way to perfect skin.


#LOOK says: “It’s easy to use, has a silky texture and leaves skin glowing - literally”- Hannah Banks, Deputy Fashion News Editor.



C&C Gemmotherapy Silk sheet Face mask

SKU: EP2008
color: yellowlish
  • Treat your face to a healing dose of moisture that will quench the thirstiest skin.

    The Gemmotherapy Silk Face Mask starts with delicately woven silk sheets that are shaped for a comfortable fit. Simply apply the sheet to your face for a relaxing skin treatment. The natural silk are drenched with an organically derived gemmotherapy serum that is designed to flush the skin with moisture and deliver essential vitamins, minerals, and protective agents that can only come from nature.


    The gemmotherapy mask exclusively sources herbal ingredients from the buds and young shoots of trees, shrubs, and marine plant life to take advantage of potent embryonic enzymes. Five main ingredients were carefully chosen and extracted from nature at their peak and combined in a water and glycerine serum without artificial preservatives to ensure an all-natural skincare solution.


    Eisenia Veil B is pulled from an ancient strain of Japanese algae that has been shown to promote skin clarity. An extract from the Asian Snow Mushroom draws moisture to the skin with micro-particles that sink deep to deliver a wealth of the super antioxidant SOD that fights free radicals. To support high moisture content and youthful skin tension, the mask also includes liquid chitin, which is found everywhere in the natural world from the scales of fish to the wings of butterflies. Yuzu Ceramid B, which is sourced from a Japanese citrus fruit, and an extract from the Neem Leaf have unique repairing functions in addition to moisturizing properties.


    How to use it? 

    Apply the natural silk mask to your face, close your eyes, and enjoy a calming treatment to detoxify, cleanse, and moisturize your tired skin. The all-natural gemmotherapy formula is free of artificial ingredients and preservatives, so you don’t have to rinse after taking off the mask. Simply remove the sheet, gently pat excess serum into your face and neck area, and allow the natural embryonic healing to continue for youthful, glowing skin!

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